• Find Your True Power

  • Move towards your Life Purpose

  • Liberate your Wildman

Do you want to grow as a man?

Do you want to have a stronger presence, self-love and purpose in your life?

Want to learn how to be a better lover/partner?

The Wildman Program supports you to embody your life force energy and become an empowered Wildman in bed, in your relationship, and in life.

By taking The Wildman Program you will learn how to develop a deeper presence and increase your ability to create a strong, healthy relationship. You will learn how to have mind-blowing sex, more intimacy and a deeper connection to your loved one.
Your woman will be happy and so will you.

Masculine Empowerment – The 21 Day Wildman Challenge – Find your Inner Wildman – Daily practice, leave addictions and own your sexuality. Starts January 5th 2020.

It will be the start of the next full Wildman round.

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Limited places!
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”I just finished the most amazing training on how to awaken the Wildman within! If you’re a man struggling with intimacy, relationships, how to open up a woman, connect with your power, how to be your most sensual self, then you need to reach out to this man! The facilitator Paal is amazing! Experience his deep wisdom, profound, wholesome, balanced energy, and his practical powerful approach on how to be a truly empowered raw real authentic tantric man in this world. Thank you Paal! You are the best teacher ever!!!

– Jafree Ozwald – USA.

Welcome! My name is Paal.

I was a typical Mr. Nice Guy that wanted to please my woman and my surroundings. It made me exhausted. Even though, I had a pretty healthy lifestyle, studied deeper coaching methods and did “everything right”, I felt powerless in my intimate relationship. I didn’t have as much sex that I wanted. When a relationship ended, I knew it was time to go on a hero’s journey to reclaim my masculinity, sexuality and my life. I have for the past 8 years been integrated the best sexual and relationship practices. I must say: What I found saved my life!! I found back my strength, youth like sexuality and can be a more integrated man in an intimate relationship. With deep passion and meaning, I am serving men to find the own sovereignty in body, sexuality, intimate relationship and take step towards their life purpose. Are you ready to challenge yourself to become the man you really really want to be?

Are you ready for a hero’s journey to Liberate Your inner Wildman?

– You might feel lost in your relationship? – You might have just broken up with your woman? – You might not have as much sex as you want? – You might struggle with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction? – You might waste your masculine presence with porn?
– You might have lost hope in a good healthy relationship?
– Or you just want to become the man you truly are – and f…. her to God!
– You might want to experience a deeper meaning in life, find a stronger direction and move towards a deeper life purpose?
If you are ready to take a challenge and step into unknown territory and liberate your Wildman – then everything is possible! – It is 10 weeks of intense work with timeless practical teachings – and I promise you will not be the same man afterwards – and your woman will neither!

Why take the Wildman Online Program?

If you are tired of feeling flat, small or of making the same mistakes again and again or not feeling you making the improvements you want. You might sense that there is more to life than what you are living now.
– You know you have the potential to grow more like a man and as an attractive partner. For things to change, you have to change.
– You might sense that there is a more profound sense of purpose and in your life.
– If you have not learned to conserve your life force energy, you will have great potential as a lover. You might also experience a lack of energy, creativity, and feel that you are running after life instead of being in control of it. There is also a great chance that you are lost in some addictions, have a few kilos too much and might be confused with why women are not as attracted to you.
If you want to liberate your inner Wildman from his inner cage, you need to know your social and family conditioning, know your map, in order to walk in the right direction and become free. You need to dare to speak and live a truthful life and build your own Kingdom based on that.
You have to find your Truth. Not anybody else truth or my truth. YOUR Truth!!
Find your passion and walk your unique way. That is the way of a true hero.
The next step is to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life. No excuse! No one to blame! You are the creator of your life! The shit – is your Shit. Your glory is your Glory.
That is what creates presence, masculine power and makes you attractive.
Do you dare to walk on that path? Do you dare to be that wild?

“I am not the same man anymore.

It is like my masculine and feminine are in balance. I own both energies and my sexuality.

This is a huge power.

With women, oh my god. How my whole body is vibrating. I let their beauty to shine, and I am in love.

I have no fear of men anymore.

Other men respect me now. They come to me and ask.” Ville

Are you curious to find out how liberated your Wildman is?

Take the Free Wildman Challenge Quiz here.

The next 21 days challenge starts January 5th 2020.

Powerful Women
need Powerful Men

Powerful Men Heal Their Women

What is it like?

• A challenging program with daily exercises and training!! It is for you that is ready to change your life and be the man you long to be!
• A total of 20 live classes (twice a week) on Zoom with in-depth knowledge/ exercises and process work.• 3 free private 1-1 coaching with the founder Paal or his assistant Andre and following up/support for 11 weeks.• Powerful Brotherhood and Buddies that is empowering you and keep you accountable. It also an opportunity for you to step into your leader-role as a man. • Weekly pdf file and teaching modules with cutting edge knowledge, exercises, and instructional teaching videos. • Access to a secret forum, so that you can share experiences and reach out for support anytime.

Core knowledge from many traditions and areas:


Find Motivation
Do a fun Workout
Love your Body
Become Healthy
Eat Healthier
Lose some pounds
Get more muscles
Know Archetypes
Do Shadow work
Practice Meditation


Embody it
Self-love ritual
Be multi-orgasmic
Consensual touch
Art of touch
Female orgasms
Advanced sex
Men’s shadows
Women’s shadows
Divine sex


What is love?
Attract a partner
Build Strong Foundation
Freedom vs Commitment
When do use Polarity
Attachment types/styles
Couple practices
Deeper intimacy
Understanding jealousy
Build a healthy relationship

Life purpose

3 stages of Life Purpose
– success, meaning and
owning your shadow.
Use the shadow as a gift
Own your life
Love what you do
Live with purpose
Soul purpose

I have struggled for years to build up energy in my cock. This led sometimes to premature ejaculation and kept me preoccupied with fear of cumming. Within 3 weeks my kundalini was opened and I could focus on learning how to circulate energy and have full-body orgasms now. Thank you, Paal for supporting me and guiding me in my process. You are a true brother.

– Chris

100% Money back guarantee

I promise you I will deliver you the best quality possible and that the course will be of the highest standard. I only want to have satisfied clients, so if for any reason should not be happy with the training after 3 weeks, provided you have been following the exercises and instructions, you will get the money back.

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