• Liberate your Wildman

  • Master your sexuality

    and make your woman happy
  • Move towards your Life Purpose

Do you want to use your sexuality to grow as a man?

Want to have a stronger presence and self-love in your life?

    Want to learn the art of consensual touch to be a better lover and partner?

The Wildman Program supports you to embody your sexual energy and become an empowered Wildman in bed, in your relationship and in life.

By taking The Wildman Program you will learn how to develop a deeper presence and increase your ability to create a strong, healthy relationship. You will learn how to have mind-blowing sex, more intimacy and deeper connection to your loved one.

Your woman will be happy and so will you.


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”I just finished the most amazing training on how to awaken the Wildman within! If you’re a man struggling with sex, relationships, how to open up a woman, connect with your power, how to be your most sensual self, then you need to reach out to this man! The facilitator Paal is amazing! Experience his deep wisdom, profound, wholesome, balanced energy, and his practical powerful approach on how to be a truly empowered raw real authentic tantric man in this world. Thank you Paal! You are the best teacher ever!!!

– Jafree Ozwald – USA.

The Modern Man is often lost in addictions and is therefore entirely detached from his raw, sexual multi-orgasmic Wildman.

The Wildman Program empowers you to:

– No more Premature Ejaculation
– No more Erectile Dysfunction
– No more Performance Anxiety
– No more insecurity around women
— No more Mr. Nice Guy

By signing up to The Wildman program you are saying yes to

– Reclaiming Your Wild Sexual Nature
– Becoming Multi-Orgasmic
– Having A Tremendous Amount Of Life Force Energy And Creativity
– More Intimacy
– Making Love For Hours
– Giving Your Partner Tantric Orgasms That Can Last For Minutes, Even Hours
– Becoming A More Grounded And Stable Partner In Your Relationship

Why take the Wildman Online Program?

– If you have not learned to conserve your sexual energy, often you may experience lack of energy, creativity, and might even be experiencing a form of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. There is also a great chance that you are lost in porn, other addictions, and be confused as to why women are not as attracted to you.

– If you are not mastering your sexuality, like many men, you probably experience difficulties in your intimate relationship and are not living from your highest potential.

There is a conscious way of harnessing your sexuality!! The Wildman Program helps release you from your addictions and give you all the knowledge, tools and practices you need in order to become a multi-orgasmic man with deep masculine presence.

By doing the practices you will experience greater self-confidence and discover women will begin to shine on you their feminine radiance. You will learn how to hold safe space, touch with presence, and give your woman deeper orgasms than she ever thought possible. Your relationship will be easier to handle as you utilize cutting edge knowledge, tools, and powerful practices. The program will also support you to take powerful steps towards your life purpose.

Before the course I was not so sexual – I was picky with women. When I found interest in a woman I was very much into pleasing her and was scared of not having an erection or that I would cum very quickly. After the course I have erection all night and all day long. Only when a woman touching me, I already get an erection. Only hugging or cuddling with a woman I will have a hard on and I have learned how to last long in bed. It is 180 degrees difference. I have also learned methods that I am confident in bed.


Want to learn how to become an even better lover?

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Powerful Women
need Powerful Men

Powerful Tantric Men
Heal Their Women

Why take the Wildman Online Program?

• A challenging program that will test your discipline, stamina, and masculine power. Be prepared to also deepen your feminine qualities..
• Learn the exclusive the Wildman Workout which you’ll be guided to do throughout the program.
• All the knowledge, tools, and practices you need to last as long as you want in bed and experience full-body orgasms. We expect that you will do the practices regularly and will support your brothers to do the same.
• Cultivate presence and the confidence to touch and open a woman’s body and give her mind-blowing orgasms.
• Tools and practices for a stronger and healthy intimate relationship.
• Own your own shadow archetypes and cultivate your divine masculine allowing you to take your woman through her own shadow archetypes and into her divine feminine. By doing this work with her it is possible to have transformational and divine sexual experiences together.
• Brotherhood and support throughout the entire process! We become better through curiosity, sharing, honesty, and cultivating masculine strength together with other purposeful Wildmen.

What is it like?

• A total of 16 webinars (twice a week). 10 webinars with powerful knowledge/exercises and 6 coaching webinars for Questions and Answer around the practices.
• 2 individual coaching sessions and one 2-hour deep journey coaching session that take you deep into your essence of being.
• Weekly pdf file and teaching modules with cutting edge knowledge, exercises, and videos.
• Access to a secret forum, so that you can share experiences and reach out for support anytime.

Core knowledge from many traditions and areas:


Own it
Be multi-orgasmic
Art of touch
Female orgasms
Advanced sex
Divine sex


Shadow work
Health/ Nutrition
Lose weight
Work out
Men’s work


Attract a partner
Build a strong Foundation
Healthy practice
Freedom vs Bounding
How to handle jealousy
Open relationship?

Life purpose

Love what you do
Own your life
Live with purpose
Soul purpose

What is it like?

  • Week 1 – The quest to discover your Wildman

    – Acknowledging your situations and challenges
    – Finding the motivation for change
    – Making a commitment
    – Start your Wildman workout practice
    – The core sexual practices to become multi-orgasmic.

  • Week 2 – Leaving the false feminine and addictions

    – Understanding your addiction patterns
    – What about porn?
    – Leaving what doesn’t serve you
    – Strengthen your diet

  • Week 3 – Understanding your conditioning

    – Mapping your upbringing
    – Understanding your sexual history
    – Knowing your behaviour patterns
    – Integrity practice
    – Embracing your own sacred feminine
    – Develop a strong healthy masculine and feminine practice

  • Week 4 – Living with integrity and presence

    – The main reasons why you have failed with women
    – Finding your true intentions with women
    – Clean up your past where you have acted out of integrity
    – Living in alignment with your self
    – How to live powerfully with presence
    – Willingness to die to the old you and create a new path for your life

  • Week 5 – Mastering The Art of Touch

    – Setting sacred space for lovemaking
    – Creating a wheel of consent
    – Conscious communications skills
    – Reading body language
    – The Art of Touch – security versus surprise
    – De-armouring her body
    – Asking for feedback and learning more
    – Allowing her screams of pleasure

  • Week 6 – How to become a Wildman in bed

    – The importance of heart connection
    – Learn how to de-armour her vagina and open her to new levels of pleasure
    – How to give intense and long-lasting vaginal, g-spot, and full-body orgasms

  • Week 7 – How to open her to God

    – Sexual polarity
    – Advanced sex – switching polarity
    – Embracing her dark shadows – Witch, Whore and divine slut energies
    – How to give womb and cervical orgasms
    – Cultivating the divine masculine
    – Cultivating the divine feminine
    – Take her to God through sex!

  • Week 8 – Take steps towards your Life purpose

    – Learn the best way to find your Life Purpose
    – Make your business plan: Mission, Key values/Vision, Strategy
    – Goals, Action plan, Economy, Market
    – Asking the right questions to streamline your purpose and effectiveness

  • Week 9 – How to create a healthy relationship

    – How to attract a partner
    – Key questions to ask a potential partner
    – Key principles for a healthy relationship
    – Knowing what kills the sex-drive and the relationship
    – Tools for a healthy relationship
    – Understanding jealousy
    – Experimenting with open relationships

  • Week 10 – Celebration and continuing the journey

    – Final questions and answers.
    – Celebration
    – How to integrate the journey and powerfully step into your new Wildman life

I have struggled for years to build up energy in my cock. This led sometimes to premature ejaculation and kept me preoccupied with fear of cumming. Within 3 weeks my kundalini was opened and I could focus on learning how to circulate energy and have full-body orgasms now. Thank you, Paal for supporting me and guiding me in my process. You are a true brother.

– Chris

100% Money back guarantee

I promise you I will deliver you the best quality possible and that the course will be of the highest standard. I only want to have satisfied clients, so if for any reason should not be happy with the training after 4 weeks, provided you are following the exercises and instruction, you will get the money back.

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