A Men’s Journey Into The Wilderness

Welcome to a journey into the Mountains of Norway to find your deepest purpose and live a life aligned with your most profound truth.

We had a great journey into the Wilderness last year, and we are planning for another great retreat this summer too.

Do you feel you have access to authentic masculinity?
Do you dare to be true to your self and live a life of deep meaning?
Can you sense you are in the right direction with your professional life?

Join us for a journey into the wilderness to liberate your Wildman, the real you, and to revive you and support you to take steps towards your life purpose.

No Smartphones
No Internet
Some fasting
Time for silence and reflection
Deep ceremonies and rituals
– to facilitate a more in-depth meeting with yourself.

Following in the footsteps of the mystic Marcello Haugen, empower your male identity and experience glimpses of life’s mystery through rafting in Sjoa, trekking through the Mountains of Norway, meditations, work-outs, cold baths and challenging group exercises.

Who is this event for?
You are a healthy man seeking to liberate the Wildman inside of you.
You feel you sometimes give away your self-respect at work or home.
You want to empower the inner man in you.
You might desire to have or be in an intimate relationship where you are not selling yourself, or your balls, out.
You want to live a more fulfilling life driven by your values.
You have good shoes, a backpack, and a sleeping bag.
You are ready to make a change.

Date: August 3 th -8 th 2019
Price: Early Bird Price – booking before April 1st Euro 890
Before July 1st euro 990
Normal price: Euro 1090

Limited spaces

About Paal

I am passionate about showing you my favourite place in Norway, Sameti and my friends: Wubbe and Uncle Marcello Haugen. It is the perfect setting for a deep meeting with ourselves and each other.

“I have for many years visited this place for reflection, inspiration and to find if I am true to my heart and soul. I always find an inner acceptance, silence and clarity each year and I often get an overview of my life and can often experience that everything is a reflection of myself and my creation.

Paal is the founder of The Wildman Program. He has also been studying shamanism for many years and took an advanced initiation course in shamanism in Peru, where he met and became friend with Wubbe Henk Veldhuis. They have been holding shamanistic ceremonies together.


About Wubbe

About Wubbe Henk Veldhuis
More info is coming very soon..

For more information, questions or for bookings:

Please contact Paal – email: paal@thewildmanprogram.com

More about the program:

Modern, mature man – who are you?

We come together in Otta to build a safe container for men to go deeper inside of ourselves and finding trust in each other to go on a challenging journey together. We ask, share and work through the important questions, who are you? What is your relationship with yourself? What kind of shadows do you have? Who do you want to be? Paal will guide you into your deepest intentions and help you uncover the most potent questions you can ask yourself.

Sunday: Masculine Challenge, Authenticity, Emotions, and the Mystic
After learning the highly sought after Wildman Workout, we will raft in the Sjoa. This is an energy kick!! Norway’s toughest and most extreme rafting happens here. This river challenges us individually as well as uniting the group in an intense and exciting experience.
In the afternoon, it is time to find to go up into mountains where we will camp.  We will team up and build the Sweat Lodge for the next day.

Nature as medicine

We will start the day with a Sweat Lodge to ground ourselves, connect deeper to our feelings and our heart. We will enjoy the silence in the mountains and to connected deeper to the silent voice inside of ourselves. We prepare for the Vision Quest in the evening by visiting Sameti – the cabin of Marcello Haugen.

The famous psychic and healer Marcello went here to find his answers, and the cabin is intact just as Marcello left it this morning. The cabin has a beautiful view to Rondane which along with the silence of nature will support our thirst for our mystic and the mystery of existence.

We will use the night doing a Vision quest to find deeper purpose, meaning in life and connect deeper with our soul mission.

We will dive deeper into ourselves by cleansing ourselves by using purgative from the shamanic Shibipo tradition and have a deep Noya-Rao ceremony in the same tradition. We will connect deeper to our deepest truth, love and light.

We make a declaration to ourselves, each other and to the nature of who we want to be and where we want to go by going on a fire-walk.

We will make the final integration and get ready to return to our lives with a new way of direction and purpose in our heart and mind.