Individual Coaching

For Men

Do you miss being more embodied with all that is happening in life? Do you want to become a more authentic and strong man? Do you find deeper passion, thrive and take steps towards your life purpose?

Do you have challenges with addictions, attracting a partner, problems in lovemaking or last longer? Or do you want to be free from performance anxiety or simply feel insecure about how to communicate, touch, or make love to a woman? Do you want to become a better tantric lover that can enjoy and give more pleasure?

I offer individual coaching sessions around these topics and will give you tools and practices for you to achieve your goals.

Session in-person or Zoom.

Healing Deeper

Sexual Wounds

Many of us have experienced difficulties different situations that have disempowered us in some way in the past.
The Journey is a powerful method that takes you to the root cause of these problems. You will feel empowered and ready to live a life with all of you!

Often these experiences end up stored in the body and can block us from going into and staying in committed relationships or have deeper sexual meetings. Paal uses a method called ”The Journey” to remove these blocks and patterns. It is a method that takes you through an inner discovery in your own body where you are being guided into your subconsciousness, emotions and blocked memories. Paal is constantly talking to you and helping you to discover your own inner resources. The aim is to clear blockages and come to terms with your past so you can enjoy your sexuality fully and to a much greater extent.

Paal is certified by Brandon Bays and became an Accredited Journey Practioner/Therapist in 2003. He is also a certified Integral Sexologist.

The Journey session:
Approximately 2 hours
Sessions in-person or Skype.

Shamanic Massage

Paal has developed his own intuitive method of shamanic massage. Using tools and practices from his shamanic and tantric practices (non-sexual) he helps to open your spiritual, emotional, and physical body to experience a bigger flow of life force energy. With strong rapport and connection with you, he starts by reading and sensing into your etheric body and finds where the blockages are stored in the body. Depending on the issue you would like to work on, he uses different means and methods from etheric massage, deeper muscle, and/or trigger-point massage to open up to the energy channels and flow in the body. Healing songs can also be sung during the massage for relaxing and ground into the body, heart and mind.

Shamanic Massage takes 1 – 2 hours

The Shamanic Tantra Massage

The Shamanic Tantra Massage is a 2-3 hour multi-step treatment for you to get more connected with your natural flow of life force energy.

The session starts with creating a safe container and making a framework for consensual touches in the session. We share and agree upon the intentions, how the touches will be, boundaries and what will be the most important theme for the session. Every session is different and unique according to what serves the client most.

The massage starts often with tuning in and relaxing in each other presence. Breathing and letting go of any expectations and still remembering the boundaries. With a deeply relaxed presence, I am going deeper and deeper into your body, muscles and bones. Slow conscious touch with a lot of breathing can support you to let go of bodily shame, performance anxiety or habits of leaving the body during touch and intimacy. I will gradually start to open up the blocked energy channels (called de-armoring) to help bring you back to a natural state of relaxation, pleasure and happiness.

I listen, read your body language and checking in with you how you are experiencing the touches. The job of the client is to breathe and surrender to the touches and always checking if the body likes it. I combine the massage with firm touches that might stretch his/her comfort zone a bit, but never outside the client’s window of tolerance. I combine it with gentle and nourishing touches.

On request, the Tantra massage might include genital de-armoring. The goal is to remove any blockages, stress, pain or trauma stored in the sexual organs. This can be done with or without sexual energy activation. If the energy channels are opening up kundalini activation/shaking can be experienced as a deeply pleasurable experience.

For women, this massage can include the de-armoring of the vagina and the cervix. This highly increases pleasurable sensitivity in the vagina and enables women to experience deeper kinds of orgasms (like G-spot and womb orgasms).
For men, the massage includes a deep external massage of the penis to relax the contractions in the penis and around the perineum. This makes your penis more sensitive and allows you to become a better tantric lover. Anus de-armoring can also be offered upon request.

During and after the session you will have the possibility of feedback. I give you exercises and a program with tools and practices for you to continue your tantric path after the session.

I am writing you this letter to share how much your healing work has changed my life. I have had hundreds of massages and bodywork over the years and I have never experienced a more powerful massage than what you did for me. I felt my body opening and healing in ways that I didn’t even know it needed. I could feel my energy activating. You were calm and soothing at the perfect times when I needed to feel nurtured. You guided me through a deeply spiritual journey like a shaman or master would do. I felt seen, held and opened. Thank you Paal for your devotion and dedication to this work. I pray that every single person on the planet should experience your gift!!
Janna May – USA