Week 9
Tools and Practice for a Strong Intimate Relationship

Understanding and practices for the inner dynamic, different phases and how to strengthen and overcome difficulties in an intimate relationship.

– How to attract a partner
– Key questions to ask a potential partner
– Key principles for a healthy relationship
– What to do when we are triggered?
– Understanding and handling jealousy
– Bounding and Attachment practices
– Tools and practice for a healthy relationship

We are finally bringing all the different practices together to benefit a intimate relationship. Since we know our woundings and gifts from our childhood, have cultivate a deep presence that we bring into the relationship, we can easier understand and see our gifts and difficulties in our relationship. We know what we need, we know what to work on and we know more what we want and can easier set healthy boundaries in our relationship. We are neither naive or cynical in our relationship. We learn about attachment theories and we set up different relationship practices for love to return back into it in times of challenge. We know the different cycles and rhythm in the relationship – and we know it takes work, effort and it is a deep spiritual practice to choose love and the relationship again and again without compromising the truth – and we understand that love grows deeper and deeper for each circle we are taking with our beloved.