Week 8
Taking step toward your Life Purpose

The intention of this week is for you to understand where you are on your path towards your life purpose and how you can take the next conscious and powerful step in the right direction.

– Where are you on your way to discover your Life Purpose?
– Learn the best way to find your Life Purpose
– 3 stages for moving towards your Life Purpose
– Make your business plan: Mission, Key values/Vision, Strategy
– Goals, Action plan, Economy, Market
– Asking the right questions to streamline your purpose and effectiveness

Every man needs a purpose – a direction for his professional life to be really happy. It is masculine bliss to take responsibility, make chaos into order and make a difference in the world. We talk about the 3 important steps towards our Life Purpose and that it is important to succeed in one step in order to be ready and successful in the next step.  We make up a Life Purpose plan and take control over our professional side of our life.