Week 7
Advanced Sex

The deepest intention of tantric sex is transfiguration – being able to step into the divine masculine and divine feminine and to transform any separation in the lovemaking.

– The Warrior archetype
– Learn the importance of Sexual polarity
– Learn Advanced sex –  the need to be able to switch polarity
– Embracing our and her dark feminine shadows.
– Embracing our dark masculine shadows.
– Inviting her to explore her masculine sexuality.
– How to give womb and cervical orgasms
– Cultivating the divine masculine
– Cultivating the divine feminine
– Take her to God through sex!

Week 7 is intense and powerful. Honestly, it can take along time to integrate and be ready for these advanced sexual practices. And you don’t need to do them. Find your own boundaries and explore what you want and feel ready for.

I want you to know about and get an understanding of these practice so that you can continue on this journey also long after the course. If you are ready for the deepest practices, you will love this week.