Week 4
Create deeper Presence

We explore what it takes to have deep authentic presence. We understand the importance presence has to health, authentic good interaction with women, create strong relationship and take step towards our Life Purpose.

– The main reasons why you have failed with women
– Finding your true intentions with women
– Clean up your past where you have acted out of integrity
– Living in alignment with your self
– The power of Prayer
– How to live powerfully with presence
– Willingness to die to the old you and create a new path for your life

After we have cleaned up and seen our childhood conditioning, where do we want to go? Who is your rolemodel? Your Wildman to look up to?
What kind of values and beliefs do you want to live by? We a diving deeper into ourselves and exploring where we have acted out of integrity and clean it up. We see where we are being triggered, accept our failures and finding strength to create a even better future. We explore the foundation of the Magican archetype to be able to hold a ritual transformative space.