Week 10
Liberating the Wildman and Have a Weeding

We explore the King Archetype that bring order from chaos. By owning our own life, we can become ready to fully commit and marry and build our kingdom with woman/queen.

– Liberating the Wildman
– Embracing the King Archetype
– Working on the shadows of The King Archetype
– The Kings Speech
– Celebration – The return of the hero!
– Final questions and answers.
– Integration and future phase.

We are liberating our Wildman!! We can see the blessing of our hero’s journey. From a place of our inner king we can bless our own life, our women, our mentor, all over relations and living beings. We still need to constantly check if we are really sitting on our inner throne or if we are acting our in shadow behaviors.

We have integrated a strong Lover, Magian and Warrior archetype inside of us. Our strong Inner King wants to find a equal strong and independent Queen. Marry her in a sacred wow – built on sacred truths and principles. They know that only the truth, heartfelt connection between them truly build their Kingdom. Both making a holy sacrifice to grow alone and together in order to build a strong Kingdom according to agreed upon principles. They are doing this together – and together they become stronger and keep each other accountable. They want to support each other on the journey and knows they are dependent on each other in order to be the best version of themselves. Therefore, they will not be lazy, selfish or sabotage each other. The inner King and The Inner Queen will always bring clarity and bring order from chaos.