Week 1
– Acknowledging your situations and challenges
– Finding the motivation for change
– Making a commitment
– Start your Wildman workout practice
– The core sexual practices to become multi-orgasmic.

We are starting on our hero’s journey to Liberate The Wildman!! We are ready to go into the wilderness and face what we need to face. We acknowledge that the old way of living doesn’t work. We need to acknowledge and face our problems. Most men, like me, waited a long time before they were ready to face their sexual and relationship problems. There are always a few brave men who do. They get a roadmap, cutting edge knowledge and practices to make a change for the better. They commit to themselves and to their brothers to do their best and support their brothers to do the same.

The men are always with full of motivation and ready to go on an adventure. It always very exciting – and the first week is also a bit challenging to have a daily practice and starting the different personal sexual practices!!