Yes, it is possible to be natural high every day when you learn to conserve and circulate your sexual energy. The great thing is that it doesn’t have any side effect, as MDMA has. Therefore, I support men to be natural high on life by conserving their sexual energy!

Here is a sharing from a man that has already started on the next Wildman Program. He is on day 10 without ejaculation and practice conscious self-lovemaking:

“It has been some interesting last two days. Yesterday, I started to feel a strong energy-flow in my body and I felt almost ecstatic, almost like I had taken some drugs or MDMA. I was very happy with myself and everything that happened that day. I circulate the energy when I am making love with myself, when I am walking and when I sit. I can feel the energy so strong. I am wonder if I am doing it too much or if that is ok?”


My response:
You are doing it totally right, Brother and I am happy to hear that you have started on natural sexual MDMA 😉 Yes, it is good to not ejaculate, but when you are also being sexual active you will also get a natural high of dopamine and oxytocin. These neurotransmitters will stay pretty high for long time after your lovemaking when you are not ending your self-pleasure with an ejaculation. It is great to keep breathing and circulate the energy in daily situation in your life too. Your testosterone is also higher now and you will gradually feel more confidence and power in your life. So, what you shared about low self-esteem in periods will gradually disappear. You are also being on natural steroids because of higher level of testostorone. The great thing is that the sexual life force energy doesn’t have any  side effect, except more happiness, joy and masculine power. So, just keep up your great practice, enjoy it and use it in your daily life.

From my own experience and also coaching many other men, I have experienced that the longer I am practicing circulating the energy the better my life becomes. It is no end to how good life can become. I used to have all kind of subtle pain in my body 8-9 years ago, but when I stopped ejaculated, circulating the sexual energy, my life improved every day. Less ups and down and a more steady growth. Of course, life challenges come, but now I am more power and strength to handle these situations. I am so much more happy, joyful, alive and enjoy the life I really want!

If you want to join the next group of men taking their life to the next level, feel free to contact me. Next wildman program starts 7 th January. The first early bird prices ends this week.