It is well known a man’s presence and the depth of his consciousness is what gives him meaningful value and what many women are most attracted to.

A woman yearns for her man’s consciousness as much as he desires her feminine radiance. She wants his embodied masculine presence to hold safe, consensual space and penetrate her into deeper experiences of love.

Most men have been conditioned not to show vulnerability and hide his feelings. When a man focuses only on his masculine aspects, he will tend to become hyper-masculine. He will be a man who is lost in his head and possibly even de-attach from his body and his emotions. He will be overly goal-oriented, too mechanic, and will not have the empathy to feel into situations and his woman.

These imbalanced aspects of a man’s masculine are highly apparent to most women. For her, these are all signals of a man who is untrustworthy and she will find herself not feeling safe with or attracted to him.

For the man, his most significant obstacles are the silent thieves of shadow behaviors, addictions, and bad habits which continuously steal from his presence. They can be seemingly innocent things such as social media, food, sugar, coffee, or alcohol. They can also be more serious activities such as sex addictions, infidelity, watching a lot of porn, and frequent ejaculations.

Many of us find we act out in unhealthy ways because the stressful primal brain is conditioned to avoid pain and desire short time pleasure.  Often when a man feels a lack of connection with himself, he will develop addictive behaviors in order to cope with the pain or dissonance experienced.

The world needs a new kind of man that is deeply conscious, self-aware, deeply connected to his values, and lives through an embodied presence. A man who faces his shadows, leaves his addictions, and strives daily to become whole within himself.

If you would like to become a more powerful, attractive man who makes a more significant difference, I have five vital practices for you.

Integrating these practices into your life will have an dramatic effect on your quality of life and attractiveness as a man.

I challenge you to try these five practices for three weeks:

Are you ready for a challenge?

Let’s begin.

1) Let Go of Addictive Behaviors

Commit to leaving one or more of your addictions or bad habits. Begin by noticing and analyzing yourself, your thoughts, and behaviors.

View this heightened awareness as a meditative practice and allow your conscious focus to slowly unwind the habit from your life. Be diligent and attentive of other habits or patterns which may arise during this time so as to not transfer from one addiction to another.

2) Embody Your Emotions

Our level of mastery over addictive behaviors is tested most when we are emotionally triggered or stressed. The more you are able to stay present and breathe through the arising emotions, the more gracefully they will fall away.

Often there may be resistance to feeling painful emotions, this is normal. Take the time to be present with and allow whatever emotions to appear. Feel them fully, breathe into them, and simply notice and allow whatever emotions or body sensations arise. This is a practice.

You can do it on the way to work, while on a lunch break, or even during any activity. The more you develop this skill of being with, allowing, and finally integrating your emotions the faster you will be able to return to a grounded state of mind.

A deeper connection to yourself is the root solution to all addictive behaviors.

3) Have A Daily Practice

I highly suggest you establish a morning practice. It doesn’t have to be long. 5-20 minutes can be plenty. Find a joyful practice which allows you to connect to your body in the morning.

Put on your favorite morning music, shake it up, give yourself a massage, stretch, dance, or even a few disciplined pushups can all be impactful energy boosts that kick start your day.

Developing a practice of starting your morning in a happy, joyful way will help you maintain a good state during the day and stay energized longer.

4) Maintain Your Sexual Energy

This is a big one, and it might take some time to master. Most men were only taught to view sexual energy as a means of releasing stress. The problem with traditional sex, especially for men, is there is a significant loss of energy through the act of ejaculating.

Have you noticed that we tend to desire sex, masturbate, and watch porn when we are stressed? These activities are pleasurable in the short term, but in the long run, deplete and rob us of vital life-force energy.

I guarantee you will be amazed to feel the effect of not ejaculating for three weeks.

5) Find Deeper Meaning and Live a Passionate Purposeful Life

Get a reason for living that is bigger than yourself. Let this become an inner fire fed by your core values and who you truly are.

Finding a more profound meaning in life means discovering those things that bring deeper joy, passion, and thirst in your life. Dare to be an explorer. Dare to go your own way.

Have a greater reason for getting up in the morning and getting to work. Remember it is not only what you are doing, it’s as much how you are doing what you are doing that makes the difference.

These five practices I have shared with you have been significant in my life and my clients. It will take time, effort, and energy to create a powerful and meaningful life.

Ask yourself these questions. What kind of attitude do you have about your life right now? What kind of energy and drive is within you waiting to be unlocked? How can you have fun with what you are doing?

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