What does it mean to be wild?
Is it just to get in touch with your anger and dare to be crazy?
No, the Wildman is calling us for deeper truths, dignity and freedom. 
It is an invitation to walk on the hero’s journey towards becoming an even more powerful and authentic man that makes a difference in the world.
Are you a bit sick and tired of making the same mistakes again and again?
Is there a part that feels like you are not moving in the direction you want in your life? Around Women? Around Sex? In your Relationship? Are you a bit tired of not getting closer towards Your Life Purpose?
I must admit that I wasted my sexual energy and giving away my power to women and feeling powerless in my intimate relationship.
I thought there was something out there to get.
I didn’t have the knowledge, the right map, self confidence and discipline to step into my true masculine power, set boundaries and be clear and direct. These days I believe I will be blessed by the feminine when I am willing to do my own work.
I didn’t own my life before. My happiness. And then, I couldn’t take big steps towards my life purpose either.
Our Life Purpose comes when we dare to die to our old identity, turn our woundings into blessings and step into a new way of being – a new way of living.
We must be willing to die – die to our old selves.
What about you? Are you wasting your time? Are you where you want to be in your life? Are you willing to die to the old version of you? Or can you hear a roar from an inner Wildman that is calling you to step into greater potentials?
It is time to get wild again!
Step into the wilderness – Into the Unknown – Reclaim back our power, our dignity and live an even more truthful life – to our selves and make a difference in other peoples life.
I am getting ready to take another group of men on their hero’s journey – and each time it is getting more and more powerful and Wild.
Do you want to join a solid group of men to find and liberate your Wildman?
But the journey is not for everyone!! I warn you. It will be harder than most of your challenges before.
Because before you find The Wildman, you might need to go through layers of addictions, frustration, anger, sadness and grief.
You need to embody ourselves. Deep in your belly, in your balls, there is the Wildman waiting to be found – he is screaming for purpose and directions.
He loves discipline. He loves challenges and is not afraid to speak his truth.
If you want to liberate your Wildman from his inner cage, you need to question some of your social and family conditioning and step into your sovereignty and dare to live a more truthful life.
You need to know your programming, know your map, in order to walk in the right direction and become free.
You have to find your Truth. Not anybody else truth or my truth. YOUR Truth!!
Find your passion and walk your unique way. That is the way of a true hero.
The next step is to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life. No excuse! No one to blame! You are the creator of your life! The shit – is your Shit. Your glory is your Glory.
That is what create presence, masculine power and makes you attractive to women. Do you dare to walk on that path? Do you dare to be that wild?
That is the process of becoming an adult man. This is the path of Masculine Empowerment!!
When you own your own sexuality and can use that for the benefit of your self and your partner, then you can become a GENTLEMAN.
A WildGentleman that is sexual confident and that can create heartfelt, masculine polarity in his relationship.
He can build a solid foundation in his life – for him selves, his partner and make a difference in his life.
Then you will develop your inner and outer sovereignty – and you will be able to stand in the power of a feminine storm, be able to set healthy boundaries – and create a partnership that is sustainable and growing day by day.
You will become a REAL man – a King in your life. You will get the balls to fully trust and marry yourself and then it is possibility that your find your Woman/Queen and marry her.
And then build your Kingdom together. Both fully responsible for their own happiness and still doing it together. Her growth is your growth. Your happiness is her happiness! Togetherness!! Team.
Together we are stronger!
I am ready to take you and a powerful group of men on a hero’s journey for 10 weeks.
It is starting now. No time to waste.
I have a now 4 spots left and you can have it if you sign up today. Book you call today: https://meetme.so/Paal








I would love to hear your comments and how you are practicing in order to be the best possible man and what you think about the wildman metaphor.