Dear Brother

I have good news for you! Statistics show an average lovemaking lasts for about 5 minutes. I know there is a Wildman inside of you that can last for hours. He is waiting for you to connect to him. To be him. To live like him. I want to take you on a hero´s journey to liberate and empower the Wildman inside of you.

Isn’t it time to take back your balls and uncover your wild nature? I want you to have deep self-respect and self-esteem around relating with others and intimate relationships. I want you to stay in your power around women, learn to lead her, and also powerfully set boundaries when it is needed. I want you to have radiant health and access vital life force energy by having a lot of high quality sex. I want you to liberate your Wildman, live with an open heart, and develop a conscious cock that gives his woman mind-blowing orgasms that last for minutes, or longer.

Read my personal story under.

Here is my story:

I was a typical Mr. Nice guy that was well liked and had good friends, but I wasn’t having as much sex as I wanted and I definitely didn’t know how to bring women to deeper orgasms. What I didn’t want to acknowledge was that I had a lot of shame and difficulties around my sexuality and being a strong and safe masculine partner for my partner. I learned later that this came from my sexual habits, experiences in my childhood, family patterns and social conditions.

I tried to heal myself through doing many personal development courses, therapy, and coaching educations but the shame I held in my body and the lack of a strong masculine presence continued to create challenges for me to be in long term intimate relationships. I loved sex, but I didn’t feel that it was worth all the difficulties. I felt that sex (now I know that it was the ejaculations) made me weaker and I was losing my energy while I was in relationship. I felt it was not worth it since I really wanted to grow. For many years, I ran away from opportunities for deep committed relationships and focused more on studying different kinds of personal development and spirituality. I wasn’t ready to admit to myself that I was living a Puer (spiritual) life and still had a deep longing to be in a healthy intimate relationship which included a lot of high quality sex.

When the start of another relationship ended badly, I understood that I had to do something about it and I was ready for Tantra. I went on an intense journey and began to learn how to master my ejaculations and to circulate sexual energy within my body. I started to experiencing full body orgasms on a regular basis. It was a challenging ride where I had to face many aspects of myself, but the rewards were amazing. I discovered so much more energy, became happier, the pain in my body and shame disappeared, and I lost weight. I learned how I could have sex that nurtured my energy and being on a daily basis and developed the presence needed to be in a long term intimate relationship that supports my spiritual growth.
I took more than 50 workshops over a period of 6 years in my tantra school (The New Tantra). I learned a lot about my own femininity while also understanding how I could open up a woman’s body and give her tantric orgasms. I felt that I was mastering my sexuality on a much higher level and found it lead me to being able to give her mind-blowing orgasms. I could see and experience the joy in my woman’s face after having sex for hours! Life is good when our woman is happy, isn’t it? I become more confident around women. And surprisingly, I started to earn more money at work too as people around me started to respect me more. I became more relaxed and happy with and within myself. I was then ready for the next step and I became a certified tantric bodyworker and began to give tantric massages to women, men and couples.

During my work of giving tantric massage I met a lot of men (and women) that needed more training and support in order to make bigger changes. Therefore, I developed The Wildman Program. Here, I share all my knowledge from tantra, coaching, shadow work, and the most potent tools and exercises I have learned over the last 20 years I have been on the spiritual journey. I have made a challenging program will hopefully transform and help you to have amazing sex and better intimate relationship mastery. But it in the end of the day, it is all about self – love and self-acceptance and love for your closes ones that really matters.

It gives me great joy to share my passion and knowledge from the fields of coaching and tantric sex with you!

I am looking forward to hearing from you and get to know you better.

All the best,


More about Paals

Academic Background

Paal has lead a number of different teaching groups over the last 10 years and is certified as a tantra teacher and bodyworker in The New Tantra. He has coached and given tantric massages to women, men, and couples for close to 4 years. He has studied Integral Sexology offered by the Human Education Group.

In 2001, Paal was certified as NLP Practitioner and in 2003 became a Journey Practitioner/Therapist where he continued his coaching education through the Leela Foundation learning deeper methods of self-inquiry, hypnosis and the enneagram. He developed and holds courses in archetypes and shadow-work with Eivind Skjellum through Authentic Norway.

He has taken more than 50 workshop through The New Tantra as well as having assisted in a number of courses in addition to working as a professional bodyworker. Even though his tantra school and community were great, in 2016 Paal left his tantra school (The New Tantra). His desire to be true to his own soul and express his own voice lead him to develop The Wildman Program, based on his 20-year experience in coaching, tantra and shadow work. Lately his has gone deeper into shamanic studies and recently in 2017 passed a 10-week advanced initiation course in Peru.

Short summary of formal background

Tantra and sexology
Studied integral sexology at Human Education Group
Certified tantra teacher and body worker The New Tantra.
Assisting in de-armoring training Gaia Method (Susanne Roursgaard)
Assisting in the Love Core de-armoring training.
Studied with David Cates – Belly2Belly and Betty Martin The Wheel of Consent and other tantra teachers.

Coaching/theraphist education:
NLP Practitioner – Paradigm Academy
Accredited Journey Therapist/Practitioner
Career teacher/advisor with courses in mental illnesses and diagnosis.
Leela Practitioner – self-inquiry, mindfullness, the enneagram and NLP. 7 years of studying with Gangaji and Eli.
Archetype workshop (jungian, Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette) with Eivind Skjellum – inner-throne and authentic relating.

10 week accreditation shamanic initiation course – Ayahuascha Foundation.
1 year training: Rituals with The School of Movement Medicine + different separate courses with different shamans.

Award winning producer  in Mpower Media/Empower Films.
Making documentaries about people that have taken difficult, brave and controversial life choices. People who are willing to sacrifice their own needs and have the courage to challenge suppressive regimes and established truths in order to make a change. Portraits of Dalai Lama, Kiran Bedi, Marguerite Barankitse, Tsering Woeser, monks and nuns in and outside Tibet, resisting fighters, concentration camp survivor, prisoners and other brave souls fighting for social justice, human rights and a better future for our world.

Master in Business and Marketing – BI – Norwegian Business School.